Concert activity

Studied classical singing with James Thomas 1992-1996 in Vienna and Stuttgart, regular concert activity as mezzo-soprano and singing teacher from 1988 - 2008.

Culinary delights

Numerous buffet arrangements in cooperation with the company COSMOVEDA in Baden-Baden, specialising in Ayurvedic dishes and upscale vegetarian cuisine.

Publishing activity

In 2002, together with cartographer Stephan Hormes, founded the publishing house for special cartographic printed works with journalistic content. From 2004-2006 publisher of the cultural magazine "Potsdam en Detail".

The breakthrough in the publishing business came in 2008 with the etymological map edition "Atlas der wahren Namen". In the following years, numerous map productions appeared. Among them was the "Wine Atlas" in 2011, which led to training as a sommelière at the DWS in Hamburg in the same year.

Until further notice, we publish maps with unusual content. Most recently, "The Atlas of 365 Extraordinary Places, Germany" was published in 2020. From 2018 onwards, journalistic contributions on the topics of wine, travel and enjoyment also appeared in the French magazine Références.



Since October 2011, working as a freelance sommelière at Weinhaus von Melle in Lübeck in direct wine sales and at wine events.

Started working with the French company Bouvet-Ladubay in January 2012. In the same year, first promoter training for ffk.publik-relations.In the following years, numerous national and international wine presentations at wine fairs, gala evenings and wine festivals for changing clients.


- commented tastings

- detailed wine descriptions

- journalistic publications

- wine evenings with free choice of topics

- national and international wine presentations

- training courses for wine experts & wine enthusiasts